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FY 2019-20 Budget

The FY19-20 adopted budget reduces the property tax rate just over 3 cents per $100 of valuation. This brings the tax rate down from $0.620477 to $0.590454 per $100 of valuation and maintains an effective tax rate, or the tax rate that results in the same amount of revenue from existing properties as the prior year.
The adopted budget includes no rate increases for Water, Wastewater, Electric, and Solid Waste & Recycling services. This not only continues a trend of no increases to utility rates over the past three years, but also maintains rate reductions for Wastewater, Electric, and Solid Waste & Recycling service from the FY18-19 budget. During FY18-19, Wastewater rates were lowered by 5 percent and Electric rates by 3.5 percent. Additionally, during FY17-18, Solid Waste & Recycling rates were reduced by 12.5 percent.

FY 2019-20 Budget Calendar