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Electronics disposal

Televisions and computers contain hazardous materials such as lead or mercury. These items should not be put into a garbage truck or landfills. To ensure we comply with electronics disposal laws, follow these guidelines.

Recycle at the Manufacturer

Texas law requires computer and television manufacturers to take back and recycle their own equipment at no cost to the consumer. Some manufacturers also include incentives for purchasing new products when you bring your old device to recycle. Visit www.texasrecyclescomputers.orgwww.texasrecyclestvs.org, or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a complete list of brand names and manufacturers with computer and television recycling programs.

Recycle in Denton

Curbside: Televisions and computer monitors are collected curbside for recycling by calling Customer Service (940) 349-8080. A collection and handling fee of $20 per device applies.

Drop Off: Televisions, computers, and all other small household electronics and kitchen electrics are accepted for recycling at ECO-W.E.R.C.S. Resource Recovery Park. Televisions, computers, and other devices with a screen will have a handling fee of $15 per device. All other small household electronics and kitchen electronics will be accepted at no charge. Please erase all personal information.