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Dangerous Structures

Some buildings become so dilapidated that they are a threat to the community and occupants. Our Community Improvement Services Dangerous Building Officer is specifically trained to find, assess, and address unsafe structures.

How It Works

Once a complaint is received, a case is opened and a visual inspection from public right-of-way is performed. If the structure is not found to be below ordinance-defined minimum standards, photos are taken to document the finding and the case is closed as no violation.

If the structure is deemed dangerous, photos are taken and notice given to the legal owner, any legal representatives of the owner, and any person(s) having a vested interest in the property.

If an interior inspection is conducted, either through consent or administrative warrant, a second notice is sent to the owner, identifying additional violations and allotting a timeframe for compliance.

If the identified dangerous structure violation(s) are remedied by the owner through rehabilitation, repair, removal or demolition, the case is closed.

If the identified dangerous structure violation(s) are not remedied by owner, then the case is taken before the Health and Building Standards Commission.

Public Hearing Process

The Health and Building Standards Commission is a Council-appointed board of seven (7) citizens who, in public hearings, are empowered to legally declare structures within the City of Denton as dangerous and to issue legal orders regarding action to be taken on the disposition of the property. All legal orders are filed with the County.

Public hearings for the Health and Building Standards Commission are advertised publicly in advance, and all specifically identified parties having any interest in the property are notified directly. Representatives for the City of Denton present their case before the Commission to request a determination regarding the structure(s) condition, and a legal order specifying the necessary remedies for the structure(s).

The owner, and/or any representative, has the opportunity to present their case before the Board, including calling upon witnesses and providing documentation to support their case.

The Health and Building Standards Commission may

  • Declare the structure(s) are not dangerous;
  • Declare the structure(s) to be dangerous;
  • Issue legal orders requiring the owner to bring the violation(s) into compliance within a specified time frame, as dictated by State and local laws, through rehabilitation, repair, removal, or demolition;
  • Authorize the City of Denton to proceed with the removal or demolition of such structures legally declared dangerous by the Board, in the event the owner does not comply with the order of the Commission within the specified timeframe; and/or
  • Assess civil penalties in the amount of up to $2,000 per day, per violation to the owner of any structure declared by the Commission to be dangerous.

All decisions and orders of the Health and Building Standards Commission may be appealed to District Court.

City of Denton Remedy

If the City of Denton performs the removal or demolition of a structure as a remedy of a dangerous structure, the City is authorized to recover any associated costs for the performance of such work, up to and including the filing of a lien on the property with Denton County.

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