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Property Maintenance

The City of Denton works with residents and businesses to preserve the health, beauty, safety, and property values of the community.

To achieve this goal, Community Improvement Services addresses property maintenance violations such as tall grass and weeds, trash and debris, junk vehicles, illegal outside storage, and dilapidated structures. Follow these guidelines to avoid common violations, and contact us for more information.

  • Grass, Weeds, and Other Vegetation
    • In yards, easements, and rights-of-way (including easements and rights-of-way behind fences), grass and weeds shall not be taller than 12 inches.
    • Vegetation that is growing within one foot of a street or alley, which interferes with traffic or visibility, must be removed.
    • Tree limbs lower than 13.5 feet above a street or 12 feet above an alley that obstruct vehicular traffic, must be trimmed.
    • Tree limbs lower than 7 feet above a sidewalk must be trimmed.
    • Vegetation growing or encroaching upon improved rights-of-way (sidewalks, curbs, or streets) must be removed.
  • Fence Requirements
    • Construction wood, wrought iron, masonry, brick, vinyl, PVC, or composite material. Support frames, braces, and fastenings must be on the inside of fences.
    • Newly constructed side and back yard fences, eight feet maximum; front yard fences, three feet and six inches maximum.
    • Must be set back at least 10 feet from the street or alley or five feet from the sidewalk, whichever is greater.
    • Shall not be placed in any right-of-way, easement, fire lane, required parking space, or obstruct any visibility sight lines or triangles.
  • Fence Maintenance
    • Shall be maintained in sound structural condition with no broken, loose, damaged, or missing parts.
    • Repairs must be made using the same or similar materials of like color, size, and shape of the original fence.
    • If 50 percent or more of one side of a fence needs repair, the entire side must be replaced.
  • Garage & Yard Sales
    • No more than one sale every four months with a limit of three days per sale.
    • Signs stating the location and date may not be larger than six square feet.
    • No more than one sign is allowed on premises and no more than three signs may be located off premises.
    • Put out signs no more than 24 hours before the sale and remove within 24 hours after the sale.
    • Signs may not be placed on any public property, e.g. utility or traffic sign poles, utility boxes, street medians, etc.
  • Building Numbers
    • Are required and must be at least four inches high and visible from the street.
  • Graffiti
    • Remove or paint over all graffiti.
  • Trash & Recycling Containers
    • Containers may not be set out until after 6 p.m. the night before scheduled pickup, and all containers and unaccepted items must be removed by 8 a.m. the morning after scheduled pickup.
    • No items may be set outside the containers unless a special collection has been requested from Solid Waste Customer Service. Please call (940) 349-8787 for more information.
    • Containers may not be stored in the front yard, on the front porch, or in front of the main structure on the property. Store containers at the side or back of the residence, in the garage, or in a storage building.
  • Trash & Debris
    • Remove any refuse, trash, debris, junk, garbage, etc. from property, including adjacent easements and rights-of-way.
    • Do not maintain property in a manner that creates unsanitary conditions.
  • Parking of Oversized Vehicles
    • Recreational vehicles, travel trailers, boats or boat trailers, tow trucks, or any vehicles other than a motor vehicle may not be parked or stored on a residential street. The police department enforces this ordinance: please call (940) 349-8181.
  • Parking on Rights-of-Way
    • Do not park any vehicle in or on any right-of-way, including sidewalks, alleys, public easements, streets, or highways and their shoulders. Exception: vehicles legally parked on a street or highway.
  • Storage of Goods in Rights-of-Way
    • Do not store any objects, items, or personal property (basketball goals, skateboard ramps, etc.) in or on any right-of-way such as a sidewalk, parkway, street, or easement.
  • Parking Regulations
    • Park vehicles on improved surfaces only.
    • When adding an improved parking surface, it must be made of the same material, be connected to, and run parallel with the original driveway.
    • Added parking surfaces may not be more than 12 feet wide or closer than three feet to a neighboring property line. If the additional surface is parallel with a sidewalk, there must be at least five feet between the added surface and the closest edge of the sidewalk.
    • In a side or back yard, that has no improved parking surface, a vehicle may be screened behind a privacy fence or wall.
    • Additional parking surfaces cannot be placed in an easement or right-of-way, or interfere with traffic visibility.
    • Existing dirt driveways must be improved. Options: concrete, asphalt, pavers, and open pavers. Single-family and duplex residences may opt to use four inches of gravel, which must be bordered.
    • Do not use a vehicle for living, sleeping, or storage of trash, debris, or personal property not normally associated with the vehicle.
  • Inoperable and Junk Vehicles
    • Inoperable vehicles and junk vehicles may not be visible from any right-of-way or adjacent property.
    • Only one such vehicle is allowed on residential property if screened completely by a solid, opaque fence or enclosed in a building.
    • A cover or tarp is not considered adequate screening.
    • An inoperable motor vehicle that remains inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days becomes a junk vehicle.
  • Temporary Carports or Auto Shade Covers
    • A structure that provides shade, shelter, or weather protection that is not permanently secured below ground level or that has a nonrigid top material must be removed.
  • Temporary Containers & Portable Storage Units (PODS)
    • Shall be permitted by the Building Inspections Division. Please call (940) 349-8360 for more information. Post permit in a visible location.
    • Limited to three 30-day permits per calendar year.
    • Storage containers must be located on an improved surface.
    • Storage containers may not be located in any part of a fire lane, required parking space or maneuvering lane, public right-of-way, or visibility triangle.
    • Property must have a primary structure to which the storage container is an accessory use.
    • Storage containers less than 120 square feet, located in a back yard and screened from public view, do not require a permit.
  • Outside Storage
    • Items or objects shall be located in the side or back yard only and shall be completely screened from public view.
    • Children’s play equipment, smokers, barbeque grills, and furniture or appliances designated for outdoor use shall be stored in the side or back yard, but do not need to be screened.
    • Outdoor furniture that is in good repair may be maintained in the front yard.


Minimum Building Standards

In addition to ordinances, the City has established a set of minimum standards with which every building and property must comply. Minimum building standards include working plumbing and electricity, hazard-free parking lots and driveways, painted surfaces, pest control, etc. Every CIS Officer is trained to find, assess, and address MBS violations as well as to educate and assist property owners in their efforts to rectify them.

  • Protective Treatment
    • Maintain all exterior surfaces, including but not limited to walls, windows, doors, door and window frames, cornices, porches, trim, balconies, decks, and fences, in good condition.
    • Exterior wood surfaces shall be free of all peeling, flaking, chalking, and chipped paint.
    • Metal surfaces must be free from any rust and coated to inhibit rust or corrosion.
  • Exterior Walls and Surfaces
    • Shall be maintained free from holes, breaks, loose, missing, or rotting materials.
    • Shall be maintained with paint or similar surface treatment to protect them from weather conditions, decay, and rust.
  • Roofs and Drainage
    • Repairs and replacements shall be made of approved roofing materials and installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
    • Coverings and materials shall not be missing, broken, rotted, split, curled, or buckled.
    • Shall be sound and tight to not admit rain or surface drainage water.
    • Shall not allow dampness or deterioration in the walls or interior portion of the structure.
    • Drains, gutters, and downspouts shall be maintained in good condition and free from obstructions.
    • Roof water shall not discharge in a manner that creates a public nuisance.
  • Additional Features
    • Garage doors, cornices, belt courses, corbels, trim, wall facings, manufactured and mobile home skirting, and other similar features shall be properly anchored, and maintained in good and safe condition.
  • Unsecured and Vacant
    • Unoccupied buildings or structures must be locked, boarded up, or otherwise secured so as not to allow entry by unauthorized persons.

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