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Sustainable Schools

Denton Sustainable Schools encourages students, families, faculty, and staff to improve our environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen sustainable communities through the implementation of comprehensive sustainability education. We work with participating schools to expand educational opportunities in several focus areas: Water, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management, Land Use and Open/Natural Space, Transportation, Material Resource Management, and Local Food Production.

Participating schools will be eligible for Environmental Award money based on their implementation of activities as described in the School Resource guide. Schools earn points by recycling waste, teaching relevant lessons, field trips, presentation’s by City staff, taking part in civic activities, maintaining a school garden, and many other engaging educational possibilities. Environmental Award money is given to schools based on their reported points, 50% from recycling and 50% from other activities. Schools earn hundreds to over a thousand dollars to spend on sustainable projects or activities, but must turn in their fall and spring points to earn money.

In the 2015–2016 school year, 79% of Denton Independent School District schools were enrolled in DSS. The DSS Resource Guide lists ideas for activities and lessons in each focus area, however, schools are also encouraged to be creative and develop their own unique ways of engaging students.

Enroll your school for the 2017–2018 school year: complete enrollment form and email it to SustainableSchools@cityofdenton.com. You are not considered enrolled until you receive an email response back confirming your enrollment.


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