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Plan a Special Event

Resources for Planning an Event

This checklist and other required information are designed to help event organizers prepare more effectively and plan an event that will be successful in the City of Denton.

Noise Exceptions

Ordinances prohibit unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary noise. No sound is allowed to be of a greater intensity than 65 DBA when measured 50 feet from the source; or 50 DBA in a multi-family dwelling during the day, or be clearly audible within any unit that is not the source of the sound during the night. It is a violation of the ordinance to play musical instruments, or produce amplified sound that is clearly audible in another person's residence. The noise ordinance does allow Council to make exception to the ordinance if a public interest is served.

If you plan on using musical instruments, your event is outside, and you meet certain additional requirements, you may qualify as an outdoor music festival. To discuss the requirements of an outdoor music festival, please call Janie McLeod (940) 349-8272 or Christina Davis (940) 349-7730.

For an exception to the noise ordinance submit a letter requesting an exception with Date, Time, Location, Activities to be conducted, and an Explanation of how the public interest will be served. You must return your letter of request to the following address at least four to six weeks before your event.

Downtown Denton Special Event:
Christina Davis, Economic Development Specialist,
City Hall
215 E. McKinney Street
Denton, TX 76201

(940) 349-7730

All Other Areas of Denton: Janie McLeod, Community Events Coordinator

City Hall East
601 E. Hickory, Suite B
Denton, TX 76205

(940) 349-8272

Street Closure

If you wish to close a street for your event, please follow the information provided in the Street Closure Information Packet.


Any special event held on City property, or sponsored by the City or one of its departments, is required to supply recycling for vendors and attendees. Denton Parks, Athletic Fields, and the Denton Civic Center are equipped with blue recycling containers for bottles and cans; however, large events may be required to order additional trash and/or recycling dumpsters. Unless a recycling dumpster is located on-site at your event, other recyclable materials, such as cardboard, are to be delivered to the nearest Recycling Drop-off Center.

Special event recycling containers are available through the Borrowing Program, free of charge. Delivery of recycling containers and a recycling dumpster is also available through the Solid Waste Department. Contact dentonrecycles@cityofdenton.com for more information and to request recycling services for your event.

Planning a Special Event

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