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Sidewalk Maintenance

The Street Department manages repair and maintenance of existing sidewalks, in addition to fixing potholes, curb repair, road construction, and preventative maintenance.

The Engineering Services Department administers the design, development, and construction of new sidewalks in the public right of way. Additionally, new development is required to build sidewalks as part of the Denton Development Code.

Funding: The Street Department has an annual budget of $1 million to fund sidewalk repair, curb and gutter, and address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requests. [Driveways are the responsibility of home and business owners.] The department works on a call-in complaint process. Each request is evaluated by staff for urgency and status. A plan of action, if any, is then established.

Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of my home or business?
According to the City code, the City is responsible to fix/repair sidewalks in front of residential properties, assuming the location fits the criteria for repair. Non-residential properties are not included. Read the City code here

To report a sidewalk issue, pothole, or curb repair, fill out this form.