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Solicitations & Contracting

The City of Denton extends an opportunity to all vendors to enter into long term business contracts with the City for its departments to procure products and services. Most procurement contracts are developed through a formal solicitation process. Legal notices for required business solicitation can also be found in the Denton Record Chronicle under Legal Notices.

Certain purchases made by Denton Municipal Electric will be advertised in accordance to the City Ordinance No. 2009-189. In accordance with Texas Local Government Code 252.049 (b), the City will not provide proposal information (public opening and disclosure of proposal documents/information) for the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ) procurement process. The City Council , or its designee, is ultimately responsible for final bid award.

Supplier Registration

Suppliers are encouraged to register with the City through the electronic supplier registration system. Registered suppliers will be matched with solicitation opportunities through commodity codes selected by the supplier. There are NO fees to the supplier for registering with the City. Suppliers are responsible for updating the supplier database. Suppliers shall make all updates by logging into the supplier registration system.

Doing Business with the City

Suppliers shall accept and comply with the following requirements, as applicable, when doing business with the City:


Interlocal Agreements and Cooperative Purchasing

The City has numerous term contracts for the procurement of various products and services. In accordance to Texas Local Government Code 271.102 other governmental entities may piggyback the City’s contracts containing a cooperative contract provision. Each entity will directly order its own products and services from the vendor under the established contract pricing.

Interlocal agreements are contracts the City utilizes with other governmental entities to provide or to purchase various products and services. The governing body shall authorize an interlocal agreement according to the Texas Attorney General's Opinion.

Contractors needed

The City Community Development Division is seeking qualified general contractors who are interested in bidding on single-family home rehabilitation and construction projects. For further information or an application, please call (940) 349-7726 or come by the Community Development Division Office in City Hall East (2nd Floor) at 601 E. Hickory, Suite B, Denton, Texas 76205. Application is also available in PDF format on this page. MINORITY, WOMEN-OWNED AND SMALL CONTRACTING FIRMS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM

Contractors Application. Please call (940) 349-7726 for questions or for more information.


Vendors who transact business with the City will be dealt with equally and in a manner, which compares with good business practices, professional ethics, and the requirements of law. All prospective solicitation respondents shall be given identical information. The specifications, terms and conditions, and general provisions of all solicitations will be prepared in a language familiar to the trade and in a manner that will encourage competitive bidding.

No members of the City Council, officers or any employee shall accept any commission, expense paid trip, or anything of material value from any individual, company, partnership, corporation, or any organization supplying or seeking to supply equipment, supplies, or services to the City for any purpose except those minor items of nominal value that are widely distributed by the individual company, etc., as part of a public relations or advertising program.

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