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Development Review Process

Developing in Denton typically requires these six steps in its development review, to get a project from the initial application to open for business:

1. The ZONING of the property must permit the intended use to complete the development review process.

If the use is allowed “by right,” no further action is required and the project may move forward to Platting. If the use is not permitted, the property owner may request approval from the City Council to change the zoning of the property. In addition to zoning, at this step you should also verify any secondary zoning factors that may relate to the property such as Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

2. The project must take place on a PLATTED lot.

To ensure the property meets zoning requirements, has access from public streets, and is adequately served by public utilities and infrastructure. As part of the plat process, the developer shall design and construct all the required public utilities and infrastructure necessary to serve the site and dedicate any right-of-way or easements for that purpose. Once approved, a plat is filed with the County and becomes the official legal description of the property.

3. A SITE PLAN must be approved.

It is required for all types of nonresidential developments and all applications for condominiums, townhomes, amenity centers and multifamily residential. After the site plan is approved by the City’s Development Review Committee, a site development permit may be issued and the applicant may then proceed to the next step of applying for a building permit. Site development plans and building plans may be reviewed concurrently; however, the site development permit must be issued prior to the issuance of the building permit.

Prior to submitting an application for a site development permit, applicants are encouraged to request a predevelopment meeting with city staff to become familiar with applicable codes and regulations and to expedite the site development permit approval process.

4. BUILDING PERMITS must be reviewed and issued prior to construction.

Detailed set of building plans for the project are reviewed for compliance with the international building codes, fire codes, and all other applicable code requirements. There are a number of permits that will likely be required to cover the entire scope of the project. Once a permit is issued, construction may begin on the site.

5. Once under construction, the project must pass all INSPECTIONS.

Inspections are required at various times during construction to ensure that all approved plans are followed.


Once construction is complete and all inspections have been passed, the Building Official will issue a Certificate of Occupancy that allows the building to open for business.

Request a Pre-Development Meeting

Pre-Development meetings offer an opportunity for applicants to learn more about the City’s development processes and requirements, and to identify potential site specific issues. Staff will provide applicable information related to: Zoning, Platting, Site Design, Building & Energy Codes, Fire Code, Transportation, Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Drainage & Floodplain, Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Tree Code, Landscaping Requirements, Real Estate, Gas Wells, Electric, Processes, and Fees.

There is no fee for a pre-development meetings, but an application must be submitted at least one week before the desired meeting date. Meetings are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Download and fill out the Pre-Development Meeting Request Form

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